Turbine recuperator design

recuperator design concepts intended to address these obstacles. The engine is sized to produce twelve kilowatts of shaft power, and it has a When the gas turbine industry thinks the time is right to develop a ceramic recuperator for an advanced microturbine, it should seriously consider the primarysurface type. In the 1980s such a unit ( Fig. 19 ) was partially developed for an automotive gas turbine [47. McDonald and Rodgers proposed an approach to design, fabricate and test a 7.

5 kW ceramic micro gas turbine demonstrator concept, including a ceramic turbine, ceramic combustor and compact ceramic recuperator, which had potential efficiencies over Turbine recuperator design. Creare has developed an innovative recuperator design that boosts gas turbine efficiency and increases mission endurance. Even though there have been improvements on fuel consumption for a gas turbine, by improving cycle efficiency, material, digital electronic control systems, and recuperator design, which provide 3040 improvements in fuel use over older turbines.

FlexEnergys thermal mechanical and product manufacturing teams turns the clients requirements for high temperature materials, high cycles, and compact packaging into a costeffective durable Flex Recuperator design.

The Mercury 50 is the first attempt to design a gas turbine arrangement specifically to work with an advanced recuperator, starting from a clean sheet. The turbine, and particularly the innovative compressor, is a remarkable demonstration of state of the art turbine technology development.