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SOFTWARE: EyeWorks EyeWorks is the only eye tracking software developed by researchers for researchers. This powerful package is compatible with more eye trackers than any other platform and includes all the tools youll need to conduct advanced research in any field. Design your study. Collect your data. Analyze your results. Its as iMotions biometric research platform fitted for multiple hardware systems& biometric sensors. Providing accurate insights for research& usability studies. With the ability to take a lot of guesswork out of conversion rate optimization, eyetracking software and heat maps can reveal some startling insights into increasing conversions (and avoiding sales killers) that can benefit every business.

Eye tracking is the process of measuring either the point of gaze (where one is looking) or the motion of an eye relative to the head.

An eye tracker is a device for measuring eye positions and eye movement. Eye tracking involves measuring either where the eye is focused or the motion of the eye as an individual views a web page. Purpose of Eye tracking When your site visitors are connected to eye tracking software, you will be able to tell: The software products that we have developed have been refined in authentic testing environments covering nearly every discipline of visual behavior research, using eye trackers from all of the major manufacturers.

Theres a reason that we understand the needs of the eye tracking researcher so well. Eye tracking is a useful tool for web design. It can show what areas of a page are grabbing a users attention and areas that are being ignored. Eye tracking is useful in showing how a user searches for information. Eye tracking is used in user experience, HCI and ergonomics research to evaluate the usbility of interfaces to optimize websites, mobile devices, software.

He also said the study showed EyeQuants product, which uses computerized models of eyetracking instead of actually eyetracking every user, could be used by companies to evaluate their web Eye Tracking is a technology that allows you to understand what a person is really looking at while watching advertising, viewing Eye tracking software web design layouts, browsing a website, etc.

It is the most objective method to measure consumers' attention.