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Steves Poster Store Porsche 550 Spyder Art Print Parchment Vintage Gift Diagram Drawing RS 60 356 911 UNFRAMED (5" x 7" ) by Steves Poster Store 3. 99 Reconciles apparent contradictions such as Tradition& Innovation, Performance& Everyday Usability. The Porsche 911 Carrera. The design of the 911 shows where we come from and where our roots are.

how to describe the prominent, threedimensional LED taillights. They create a sculptural look, also typical of the 918 Spyder. A design Sep 25, 2010 911 design 2011 porsche spyder custom exhaust sound. (rev) This 1966 Porsche 911 Spyder (chassis ) is a oneoff Bertone creation originally commissioned by SoCalbased Porsche dealer John von Neumann, who, in hearing of the rumored Targa, insisted that his clients were only interested in fully open cars. The design is striking, with a low window sill line and subtle side air intakes for the One such exercise will be up for auction in Monterey in just a few days, as Gooding& Co.

will offer a rarely seen design study for a Porsche 911 Spyder by Bertone. It was also very important to deliver a high level of technical and design quality, befitting the high standard of the basic product and the prestige of the Porsche nameplate. Exhibiting an Italian, rather than German, flavor, the striking, sleek Porsche 911 Spyder that emerged nine months later incorporated some of Bertones previous styling The Bertone 911 Spyder design looked nothing like the car on which it was based, though few argued about its visual appeal.

To achieve such a low cowl height, Bertone relocated the instruments to the center console, and, perhaps in a nod to the 356 Speedster, eliminated the rear seat.