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Pieter Stockmans started his career as a designer for Mosa in Maastricht in 1967. He founded Studio Pieter Stockmans 20 years later. Pieter has passed on his fifty years of knowhow and love of the material to his daughter Widukind, who has managed the Studio Pieter Stockmans and Master Chefs.

Widukind Stockmans and now the process starts with choosing a plate design, then the chef make a new dish inspired by the plate.

Of course that is wonderful for us, but also for the chef. the author Widukind Stockmans is responsible for running daytoday operations at Studio Pieter Stockmans. Studio Pieter Stockmans manufactures art works by Piet Stockmans at Cmine Genk.

3. STOCKMANS PORSELAIN INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS We also design crockery external customers. From 1966 to 1989 Stockmans was industrial designer in porcelain factory Royal Mosa in Maastricht. In those years he was the chief designer, who designed over 70 of all the companies products.

Most successful Pieter stockmans design his design for the coffee cup" Sonja, " of which over 40 million were sold. ELSENE Porcelain art from Studio Pieter Stockmans results from a combination of traditional craft production and a contemporary, experimental approach. designer is constantly stretching the limits of porcelain. The studio on the C Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology. Oct2. LabCaf: Student and the City# maastricht. Restaurant De Brandweerkantine.

Oct3. Expo Objet Portrait Roel Vandebeek. Thor Central. Studio Pieter Stockmans. Oct27. Ans Lemmens& Jacqueline van der Venne. Urban Smart Gallery. Oct28. Expositie Herfstlicht. Het Studio Pieter Stockmans CMine 100 3600 GenkWinterslag Belgium Tel 32 (0)89 382 362 Disclaimer Disclaimer Accessories Piet Stockmans, Studio Pieter Stockmans Biscuit Windlicht L Stay up to date with the latest from Wanderful.

design! See our terms and conditions for more information. You can unsubscribe at any time and if Pieter (Piet) Stockmans (born Leopoldsburg, 26 October 1940) is a Flemish designer and ceramist. Studio Pieter Stockmans In Studio Pieter Stockmans he explores the limits of porcelain, together with his daughter Widukind.

A few years ago they gave the Studio a further boost by moving their creative center and workshop to the CMine in Genk. BELFIUS ART GALLERY. An exhibition with Piet Stockmans in the Belfius Art Gallery. Piet Stockmans works as an industrial designer and as an artist. For 26 years he was a designer at Mosa Maastricht (NL). He taught at the Luka School of Arts in Genk (B) for 29 years and helped set up the Product Design department.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped is a daily design and inspiration site edited by design journalist Rohini Wahi focusing on home inspirations, design trends, lifestyle and culture. Studio Pieter Stockmans I like the combination of matte and Pieter Stockmans creates handcrafted crockery that is brought to the table as a gift and is passed on for generations.

The designs are sober and discrete. Because a plate should be a stage that focuses all the attention on the creative composition of the dish. Yes Please: Studio Pieter Stockmans Muhs Home Find this Pin and more on Piet Stockmans by Gerlach van Beinum. idea: travelling illustration through circles Piet Stockmans The Beat That My Heart Skipped is a daily design and inspiration site edited by design journalist Rohini Wahi focusing on home inspirations, design trends,