Alternating tread stairs design

Spacesaving, safety stair with alternating tread design for steep applications in lieu of ships' ladders and vertical ladder. Lapeyre Stairs Alternating Tread Stair is ergonomic, improves safety, and is efficiently designed. When choosing the design or the structure of a staircase, we usually focus on shape, size, material, style and other such things and almost never on elements that have to do with the way we actually use it.

Alternating tread stairs open the door to a whole new range of possibilities never before The alternatingtread ladder stair is a variation on the ladderstair theme. By the way, if youd rather buy one than build one, Lapeyre Stair Inc. ( www.

lapeyrestair. com ) makes metal alternatingtread stairs that are used mainly for commercial applications. Reduce design time, construction costs, and installation errors with preengineered stairs from Lapeyre Stair. These highly adaptable stairs meet relevant building codes and create a safer work environment. Alternating Tread Stairs. Alternating tread stairs feature a unique tread design which provides greater tread depth than vertical Jan 09, 2011 Introduction: Alternating Tread Stairs.

Instead of having steps of 4 incheslike in a regular pull down ladder you need at least 8 inches for this design to work safely. Hope you try it! tilmen 6 years ago. Reply. Can't it be dangerous? especially when sleepy? 2 replies We love alternating tread stairs because they are such great space savers; this photo shows the comparison. So why don't we see them more often? For Alternating tread stairs design thing, they don't meet a lot of building codes.

Alternate Stepping. Truncated treads cut the run in half. For spatial frugality, nothing short of a ladder can compete with the alternatetread stair. The tread depth and the rise from step to step is the same as on a normal stair, but because half of each tread is omitted, the run is reduced by half.

Second Floor Design Tour with Jared Alternating tread stairs allow for steep inclines without the inherent danger when using a conventional staircase design. The angle of rise will cause some to call them alternating tread ladders. The stair tread is uniquely formed to easily plant all weight bearing parts of the foot without the obstruction of the half of the tread not being