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7 notes. Reblog. Everything Thing Burns (tattoo) Actor Portrait Tattoo Design. Heath Ledger can be a martyr, with his diversity and range a goal for all 30 Awesome Heath Ledger Joker Tattoos. Published on March 3, 2016, under Tattoos.

Love It 0. Beautiful Heath Ledger Joker Portrait Tattoo On Arm. Amazing Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo On Half Sleeve. Awesome Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo On Right Sleeve. 110 Lion Tattoos and Designs An astounding gallery of various joker tattoo designs that would make you want to have one inked.

Here we discuss the history and different designs of joker tattoos. A watercolor tattoo of Heath Ledger as Joker. 6. A creepy jester tattooed on the arm.

Source. Advertisement. 7. A dark noirinspired tattoo of Joker. 8. An arm tattoo of Joker Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger both played the character and you'll see many joker tattoo designs based on their characters. Since Heath Ledger played the role most recently (and memorably), you'll probably see more tattoos based on his interpretation.

Heath Ledger instantly pops into mind for many people who claim he played the definitive Joker, but Mark Hamills interpretation from the animated DC universe might be the most wellknown example. He is singularly crazy and ingenious, and his antics have been labeled hilarious to homicidal. Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo on Side: Heath Ledgers face has been inked on several hundred bodies now, so this design isnt something unique or new.

Yet, it sends a chill down your spin every time you look at it. it sports Heath Ledgers face, holding a joker card with his famous joker expression all over his face. The best pics of Heath Ledger's tattoos. Huge tattoo photo galleries, tattoos meanings, tribal tattoos& designs, celebrity tattoos, tattoo museum and much more!

! A worldwide journey in search of the tribal tattoo and it's disappearing traditional ways. 26 Cool Joker Tattoos. Updated on March 2, 2015 in Arts Tattoo by Suumit.

Evil Joker Grin Fade Design Tattoo. Evil Joker Tattoos Designs. Gangster Clown Tattoo. Heath Ledger Heath ledger joker tattoo designs and Cards Tattoo on Leg. Jester Card Tattoo Jester rolling dice tattoo. Joker Card Dark Knight Tattoo Joker. Heath Ledger Joker: ) I'd love this quote as a tattoo See more. At TattooViral we connects the worlds best tattoo artists and fans to find the Best Tattoo Designs, Quotes, Inspirations and Ideas for women, men and couples.

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